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​Want to EXPERIENCE or MAKE something special and take it back home with you?


We know the ins and outs of our town and we have the local contacts in various fields of your interests. If have anything special you wish to do or experience during your stay in Takayama besides what are listed here, feel free to let us know.  We are here for you not only to give you a deeper understanding of the life of the people, but also to be of some help to make your stay in Takayama unforgettable.   That’s what CJETT is for.   All you need to do is just to contact us.


email to or call   (+81)(0)90-1565-3614


Besides offering the Takayama Experience program, CJETT is specialized in offering tours in the large central Japan, which ranges from the Tokyo area to the Kyoto and Osaka area.


No one can truly describe the beauty of Japan’s landscapes with mere words. High-rise buildings create skyscrapers in modern cities. People rush from one place to another in the noisy hustle and bustle. Temples and shrines still maintain their peaceful presence in the midst of all this. Once outside large cities, townships with scenes of everyday life emerge. There are rural areas where people live in harmony with nature. Mountain ranges change their appearance according to each season.  Rivers which are the source of people’s livelihoods fertilize the fields. Bodies of water which are sometimes rough but other times gentle to calm our emotions.  And houses sit quietly among these scenes.


CJETT focuses on the life of the ordinary people and craftsmanship which has been handed down for many generations.

We are committed to provide opportunities to rediscover Japan that even Japanese people enjoy.

 For more details, check our home website

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