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Cooking with HISA-san in Old Town

Cooking with HISA-san in Old Town


HISA-san's family has been in the old town of Takayama for hundreds of years. HISA-san's home, which started as a kimono shop and is also known as an obstetrician and gynecologist, is two houses in a row and is a large townhouse in the old townscape.

In the kitchen located in the back of the machiya, you and Hisa-san & Bob-san will prepare traditional Japanese soup stock and seasonal home-style dishes using meat, fish, and local vegetables.When it's ready, enjoy dinner together in their guest room while listening to local history and information and having a pleasant chat.


For the meal, you will use the same kind of tableware and dishes used in a "ryotei," a traditional Japanese restaurant which HISA-san's family own for a hundred year, and if you wish, we will also serve local sake at the dinner time.

Come and enjoy a fun time as if you were at a friend's house.  HISA-san speaks in Japanese, English and Chinese.  There is no need to have an English-speaking assistant for this tour.

  • Information

    Number of persons     2 to 6
    Time 4 hours  / 4:30 p.m. start
    Booking Deadline By 5:00 p.m. 2 days before you wish to experience
    Fee 29,000 yen/person   w/ tax 
    Place In Old Town
    Booking Method Please email us your preferred date in the inquiry to
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