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Hi, I'm Kazumi TANAKA, President of CJETT.

Central Japan Experts Travel & Trading Corp. is based in Takayama, Gifu, Japan, and we focuse on providing clients authentic experiences exclusive to the Takayama area, primarily offering intimate workshops centered on traditional Japanese culture and led by local people as well as artisans

I have lived in Takayama for most of my life. Even as a local resident I still find Takayama and its surrounding areas to be beautiful - beautiful enough to attract visitors not only from various parts of Japan, but also from various countries around the world. I would love to share, with you, what makes Takayama and its surrounding areas so beautiful and unique.

By planning a special TAKAYAMA EXPERIENCE program, we can offer you an opportunity to experience the true heart of Takayama people.  By talking to local people, you will learn how they spend their daily lives, and by listening to the words of craftsmen as well as admiring their artistic creations, you will learn how their artwork has been enjoyed by countless individuals.


In an environment of slowly changing seasons and scenery as well as customs unique to this region, my hometown has been shaped by tangible and intangible assets.  Takayama is in a rural area where people live in harmony with nature, mountain ranges change their appearance according to the season, rivers which are the source of people’s livelihoods fertilize the fields, bodies of water which are sometimes rough but other times gentle calm our emotions, and houses sit quietly among these scenes.  These scenes welcome visitors and are the essence that makes Takayama the town it is, and I would like YOU to feel THIS Takayama with us.


So come and visit us in Takayama.  We will be your expert guide.

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